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Read what some of our regular guest visitors
writes about SI9AM.

In October 2012 once again ON6UQ/Marcel and DD2CW/Jef made their annual trip to Utanede and SI9AM. This was the fifth time they visited SI9AM. This time also ONL741/Dirk was with them.

Read ON6UQ and DD2CW travel story.



In January 2013 was again ON7DS/Dirk and ON5RZ/Raf visited SI9AM. This year ON4JW/Jean followed them for the first time.

In the Belgian magazine CQ-QSO No. 05-06/2013 Dirk has written a travel story. The magazine is in both French and Flemish.

Read ON7DS story in French / Flemish.

SM3JOS/Rene have translated it into Swedish.
If you want to see pictures in the magazine, you must open the above pdf file.

Read the Swedish translation of the article.


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