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Worth seeing in Utanede
Worth seeing in Medelpad
Worth seeing in Jämtland
Worth seeing in Ångermanland


One hour from Stockholm – or from Jukkasjärvi in Lappland. Flights leave several times every day for our part of the world. Sin ce the introduction of the new X2000 trains, you can also get here very fast by rail, although most people still come here by car or by coach along the European highways E4 and E14.

There is much to see and much to do along these beautiful routes. Enter by the Högakusten bridge, the gateway to the beautiful coastal route with its many fine guest harbours, ideal ports of call for those who prefer to get here by sea. Top of page


Welcome to the southern part of Norrland. The provinces here have a lot to offer you and your family during all seasons.

IndalsledenThrough Jämtland och Medelpad goes Indalsleden, one of the most beautiful routes in Sweden. Indalsleden follows the river Indalsälven, which starts by the border of Jämtland and ends down in Bottenviken.

In Ångermanland you will find the High Coast. The fact that the High coast nature is beautiful, and in many respects absolute unique, is wellknown today far outside the borders of the country.

On 29 November 2000 Sweden gained ist second world natural hertage site, giving it ten world heritage sites in total. Höga Kusten (the High coast) in Ångermanland was approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and will now be added to the prestigious list which, prior to the latest meeting, contained 128 designated natural world heritage sites. The primary reason for recognising Höga Kusten in this way is the site´s unique geology. Höga Kusten provides clear evidence of how the land has risen following the disappearance of the inland ice 9,600 years ago. Since then the land has risen 285 metres, wich is more than any other area in teh world. Tha land i currently rising at a rate of 8 mm each year.

There are two historic monument in Utanede with surroundings - Döda Fallet ”the Dead Waterfall”, and King Chulalongkorn´s Thai Pavilion. Top of page


Things worth seeing in the region, in alphabetical order.
Borgvattnet´s Farmyard and Goat's Cheese Dairy
Borgvattnet's Church
Digerlemmarna, Fishing area 11, Bispgården
The Dead Falls - Döda Fallet, Bispgården
Krångede Power Station Museum
Kullsta Sport
Kälarne Radio Museum
Lögdö wildernes
Ragunda Hembygdsgård – Community Centre
Old Church at Ragunda
Thai pavilion, Utanede
"Troll village", Järkvissle
Borgvattnet's Haunted Vicarage Top of page


Things worth seeing in the region, in alphabetical order.

Birsta shopping centre and IKEA, Sundsvall
Gudmundtjärn, Indal
The cultural centre Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall
Norra Berget, Sundsvall
The town of Sundsvall
Södra Berget, Sundsvall
Utsiktens Turistgård , holiday village in Sillre
Vättaberget, Liden
The world's largest Y, Timrå Top of page


Things worth seeing in the region, in alphabetical order.

Frösö Zoo, Östersund
Jamtli Historyland, Östersund
Mus-Olles Museum, Ytterån
The Storsjö monster
Åreskutan, Åre
The town of Östersund Top of page


Things worth seeing in the region, in alphabetical order.

Höga Kusten
Högakusten Bridge
Högbonden Lighthouse
M/S Ådalen
Café Mannaminne, Häggvik
Rotsidans Nature Reserve
Skuleberget moutain
Ulvön Top of page

Things worth seeing in the region, in alphabetical order.

People come from all over Norrland to Birsta to shop in the largest shopping centre in northern Sweden. IKANO house has over 40 stores, IKEA being one of the largest. IKANO House is open weekdays 10-20, Sat and Sun 10-18. Other department stores have also set up in Birsta. Cupolen, Fridhems furniture, Överskottsbolaget, Barnens Hus and On Off are among the retail outlets to be found here. The opening hours of these shops are some what shorter than IKANO´s.

Sweden's leading supplier of goat's cheese, supplying the best specialist shops, and the best restaurants and hotels throughout the land. It has been warded a diploma by the Gourmet and Gastronomy Academy among other organisations, and is the only farm dairy to supply the royal kitchens. Cosy guest cabins can be hired on weekly basis.
Location: At Borgvattnet, 10 km east of road 344, Ammeråstigen
Open: 9am until 9pm, all year round

The church was built in 1782 between Easter and Whitsun by Pål Pehrsson, Stugun. A unique hymn board and other artefacts are to be found in the church's museum. Guiding in Swedish and English by arrangement.
Location: In the village of Borgvattnet, 10 km east of road 34, Ammeråstigen
Open: 15 June - 15 August, daily from 11 am until 5 pm

A fishing village which continues the fishing traditions of old. There is a guest harbour, restaurant, bathing area and a chapel from the 17th centure. Overnight accommodatin available.

This area takes in a variety of trout streams and lakes with game fishy. Here you really get the feeling of being out in the wilderness.
Location: South side of Ragunda municipality, aprox. 10 km south west of Bispgården.
Types: Salmon trout, char
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When the lumber industry started to expand and tree felling began on a large scale 200 years ago, the rapids caused huge problems, when it came to floating timber to the saw mills. Logs were smashed to pieces or got jammed and had to be greed through extremely dangerous work out on the floating logs, or hand to dynamited free. Both methods caused deaths. Storforsen, the big rapids - in Ragundadalen was one of the worst obstacles and an enterprising business man in Sundsvall, Magnus Huss, got the task of solving these problems by detouring Indalsälven´s water round the course of the rapids.

During the course of the work in 1796, a year when the spring flood was unusually strong, the water totally unexpectedly broke through a sand ridge. A natural disaster occurred; a huge wave was released that took with it boat houses, barns, bills in fact everything that stood in its path, and over night the formidable Ragunda lake was emptied. Miraculously, nobody was drowned.

The lake became cultivated land, timber floating was made easier and from that day on Magnus Huss was known as Vildhussen - Wild Huss. Because of him Storforsens - the Big Rapid's - roar was no more and it was consequently renamed Döda Fallet - The Dead Falls - one of Norrlands´s most impressive sights. The fantastic story and the facts and figures surrounding 'Döda Fallet' can be seen and read from the ramps on the former falls as well as the information desk and in the cafeteria. The above mentioned ramps are suitable for disable persons.

Frösön Zoo has a great variety of animals, with species from most parts of the world, from large mammals to small spiders and beetles in the Zoo's excellent terrarium. Visitors with no real interesting animals can opt for a meal in the Zoo's restaurant or cafeteria, or perhaps a visit to the Zoo's circus and funfair is more your style!

This large, formerly self-sufficient farm, with its 22 protected buildings preserved in their original condition, is a site of great architectural interest. Take a look at the water-driven planer and saw, and the baking house, used by four generations of the same family. Activities and events Saturdays and Sundays as well as Monday evenings in July
Open daily 17/6 -12/8, 11-17.

The geologically unique High Coast stretches from Kramfors to Örnsköldsvik. The constant land elevation has created a singular, tantalizingly lovely nature that caresses your spirit. So singular in fact that UNESCO has granted the area world heritage status. However, partaking of it does not require special arrangements. All you need to do is to find your way to it and give yourself the time needed to experience its height of calm. And once there, the many exciting, enjoyable and different experiences will give meaning and content to the feeling.

Facts: The World Heritage. In much because of its unique geology, the High Coast is Sweden's second Natural World Heritage sit and the tenth overall (year 2002). The land here has risen 285 metres since the inland ice melted some 9 600 years ago and continues to rise 8 mm annually.

This is the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world. The pylons are 180 m high and can be seen miles away. By the northern bridge abutment is Hornöberget and Ångermand Tourist Office, where visitors can see a film about the Höga Kusten project.

Enjoy a wonderful meal at Hotel Höga Kusten, Hornöberget. There are also shops and a meditation track. The wonderful view of the bridge comes free of charge. Top of page


The lighthouse, which is the tallest on the east coast, is an exciting place to visit. The lighthouse keeper's quarter are now a hostel and café. Boats go from Barsta via Bönhamn fishing village.

The Provincial Museum of Jamtland Jamtli is situated only a few minutes away from the city centre. Impressive exhibitions in the museum and 18th and 19th century buildings of the open air grounds present the history of this part of Sweden in an entertaining way. A visit to this museum arouses the explorer in both adults and children. 1 June-31 August, open every day 11.00-17.00, with actors at the farms in the high season.

Here you can experience how people lived and worked during the long gone power station era, depicted through stories and films. During July you can try the taste of charcoaled bread, at the lumberjacks´ cabin and se the exhibition of old photographs.
Location: At Krångede power station on road 87
Season: 1 June – 31 August
Open: June and August 11 am to 5pm, July 11 am to 7 pm

Kullsta Sport has slopes and tracks to suit the whole family - on skis, toboggan and bobsleigh. Kullsta Sport, with a fantastic view out over Hammarstrand and Ragunda valley, is the only winter sports facility in Sweden that offers:
A: One of Norrland's forested areas best ski slopes
B: A network of variable cross-county skiing tracks
C: A bobsleigh run of international class
You won't be disappointed! There is parking available both in the valley and up on the top. The view from up there should net be missed..

A café, a museum and a library are housed in these four glass-encased former warehouses providing an unusually popular meeting place for people and culture. The buildings are linked by suspended walkways, which give the area its unique character. The exhibitions take you through history from the time of the Högom chief in the 5 th century BC, through the age of the sawmills and right up to 1888 when the town burnt down. There is also a permanent exhibition of art from the museum collection. Open Mon-Thu 10-19, Fri 10-18 Sat-Sun 11-16. The library is closes Sun in summer. Internet-linked computers are available for the public to use in the library.

Radio Museum Kälarne - Take a trip through speech and music machine development over 110 years. Here you will see radios, phonographs, gramophones, music boxes, crystal radios, cameras, film projectors, accordions, and more in a contemporary setting with 800-900 items.

Location: Kälarne old school, Södervägen 4, Kälarne . Open: July (except Mondays) at. 12:00 to 16:00 Other times please call +46702621976, +4669640539 Info:

GPS: Lat: 62.9812 Long 16.0871

Ådalen –31, a memorial to events that took place in Ådalen in 1931, a commemoration of labour history. Adjacent to the memorial is Restaurant 31. Sandöbron was once the longest single span bridge in the world, and from the top, 42 metres up, you have a magnificent view of the area. Ådalen´s Veteran Car Museum shows old vehicles and engines. The decor of Wästerlunds Konditori, the local café and patisserie, has not changed at all over the past 40 years, and was listed as a site of cultural interest in the mid-1990s.
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Enjoy the freedom of 40.000 hectares of forests and lakes. Camp out in nature by a lake with excellent fishing or paddle along a canoe trail with many islands to explore. Approach at Liden hostel or lake Brudsjön 6 km west of Liden in Viksjö.

The riverboat M/S Ådalen is in regular service in July on the 80 km round tour between Härnösand, Kramfors, Nyland and Sollefteå – the longest and most beautiful of the lakeland routes in the inland of Sweden. Fully licensed restaurant and cafeteria. Dinning room and lounge for 100 and 40 people respectively. Sandslån is the riverboats´s home harbour. Buy the Båtluffar Kortet boat travel card, which is valid from midsummer to mid-Aug.

The Häggvik artist Anders Åberg has created one of the region's most popular attractions. Mannaminne is a combination of a coastal, art, emigration and an agricultural museum, art gallery, café, restaurant, cottages, B&B. Arts and crafts are highly esteemed here.

Exhibition about the life of an eccentric man, featuring 25.000 packaging items and 150.000 other exhibits.

Nordingrå is in the heart of Höga Kusten. The parish is said to have 52 villages and 52 lakes. The place is bubbling with activity; handicraft, art and culture. Annual Högakustenbron marathon. In July there is an annual Trad Jazz Festival in Häggvik.

The northern mountain, Norra Berget, has a heritage museum with buildings from all over Medelpad. there are also animal enclosures, viewing towers, and the famous Skvadern - a cross between a hare and a wood grouse. This peculiar beast can be viewed at the Skvaderboden museum, which also sellts crafts. Open weekdays 9-16, Sat and Sund 11-15. The restaurant Grankotten at the top of the mountain serves meals and light refreshments. Weekdays 11-14, 18-23, Sat and Sun 14-21.
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Norrfällsviken is a successful combination of a real fishing village and a modern holiday resort. Down in the harbour old boathouses sit side by side with restaurants and fish shops. Up from the bay, there is a campsite with leisure facilities, modern chalets, restaurant and a heated pool. An 18-hole golf course with sea views and the bathing beach at Storsand are within comfortable walking distance. The western half of the beach is a nudist beach. The nature reserve, the red granite stone and the shingle add to the area's special appeal.

Exhibition and sale of handcrafts. Cafeteria. Attached to the main building there is school, farmyard and carriage museum. You are invited to free guided tours.
Location: Pålgårds village, located across the river from Hammarstrand.
Open 29 June till 27 July, daily 11 am till 5 pm

Church from the late Middle Ages with well-preserved 17th century furnishings in wood. Unique rood screen and a sculpture of Saint Anna from approx. 1520. Guiding and snacks available.
Location: Pålgårds village, north of road 87, in line with Hammarstrand
Open: 23 June - 3 August, daily 1 pm till 6 pm.

This 110 hectare nature reserv with its gently roundes rocks, situated in Fällsvik i Nordingrå, is a paradeise for sun worshippers and is easily accessible to the disabled and children.

There is a wonderful view from the summit of the mountain. Conquer Skuleberget by cable car, or by climbing the popular mountain trail. At the foot of the mountain is Skule Naturum nature exhibition, a combined tourist and information facility. There are cabins, camping, a slalom slope and a restaurant here. Annual events include the Skule Song Festival 4 – 6 July,

In naturally beautiful surroundings lies on of Sweden's most famous haunted houses. Several priests have lived in this 100 year-old vicarage and witnessed un-explainable events. You are also welcome to a different, perhaps eventual overnight stay. If you dare you will receive an overnight-stay-certificate to prove it.
Location: In the village of Borgvattnet, 10 km east of road 344.
Season: Café open 15 June - 15 Aug. Overnight stay - May to October, five rooms, ten beds and open kitchen.
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The legendary Storsjö monster has fascinated people for hundreds of years. Everyone has heard of it, many have reported seeing it and others have seen it but dare not speak of the encounter.

The Storsjö monster excites and thrills, and its existence or non-existence is a matter of great concern to most people. It usually appears on beautiful summer days when the lake is still, the skies are clear and the air is warm.

Sometimes it speaks, emitting a hissing or clucking sound. Then it is gone, as suddenly as it appeared. Most people who have seen it tell the same story.

Many different methods have been tried, and huge traps and other murderous contraptions have been used in the hunt. Attempts have been made to tempt the monster by putting out bait, such as calves and pigs. Fortunately, the monster has filed all these cowardly attempts at its life, and the hunting equipment is now mainly found in museum:

Stenstan (“Stone City”), the old part of Sundsvall, rose out of the ashes of the great fire of 1888. Enjoy the beautiful houses with their towers and turrets and features.

Food and shopping Your are sure to enjoy shopping in the well-preserved heritage environment of the main shopping area. Large clothing chains mingle with small boutiques. There are two shopping arcades at Storgatan, Världshuset and 1891with a total of over 40 shops. Make sure to take your time when investigating the samller side street with their interesting small speciality shops.

For local handicraft and Sundsvall souvenirs, go to Myrstacken, Lovis Konst & Hantverk, Trollska Galleriet, Kulturmagasinet and the Tourist Office. Sundsvall also has many good restaurant and coffee houses. At Knaust, steeped in tradition, you can eat at the pasta specialist, II Brone. At Sundvalls Hamn there is an fish restaurant, AKVA restaurant & bar. Brandstation Bar & restaurant serves cross-over menus in an historic, turn-of-the-centure milieu. If your prefer something more exotic, there is Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai and Greek food to choose from.

If all you can think of is a cup of coffee, you will find that here are a number of alternatives here. At Charm you can have a cup of coffee while watching the shoppers at Storgatan. Cafe 1891 has a different type of envioroment again, and at Wayne´s Coffee in Knausthuset you can try out many dirfferent blends of coffee.

Entertainment The rock club Pipeline arranges rock concerts and puts together programmes featuring different type of music. The Sundsvall Chamber Orchestra and the Västernorrland regional theatre is based in Sundsvall.

Sundsvall Street festival One of the highlight of the summer is the week of the Sundsvall street festival 30 June – 5 July. During the week the old town is filled with food from round the world, music, people and a party atmosphere.

The southern mountain, Södra Berget, is Sundsvall´s best outdoor all-year activity centre. It has World Cup-standad downhill ski slopes, Swedens´s longest iluminated track, adventure trails, barbecue areas, large tents, wind shelters with barbecue grills, a ski stadium and a viewing tower. Teamtower - a 20 m high timber structure for group and individual development, and for climbing. Hotell Södra Berget, one of the most moern hotels and conference centres in Sweden, is situated in the centre of the area.

A Thai pavilion was built here in memory of the visit of King Rama Chulalongkorn to Ragunda. The King of Siam visited Sweden 100 years ago, and when King Oscar II took him to see the best there is in Sweden, Indalsälven river valley was one of the sites chosen. There are no similar constructions anywhere outside Thailand, nor, as far as is known, are any planned.
Open: Daily 14/5 – 16/9. Guided tours every hour on the hour between 10-18. High seson 9.30-19.

Rolf Lidberg´s troll illustrations have made this a well-know area. At the permanent exhibition in his house visotors can buy a wide varety of troll merchandise, including books, postcards and T-shirts. Refreshments, nature exhibition. Open 15/6-15/8, daily, 11-18.

Ulvön is actually two islands separated by a narrow channel. The harbour is on the northern island and is a popular destination in the summer. From Lotsberget you have an astounding view of the fishing village. Stroll around and visit the 17th century chapel, where the roof and walls are covered with beautiful paintings. You can travel here by boat from Köpmanholmen, Önrsköldsvik, Docksta or Ullånger. There are two guest harbours and a good selection of food and lodging. There is, for instance, ”surströmming” , fermented Baltic hering. You should visit the 300-year old fishing village of Sandviken a place of great historical an cultural interest. The boathouses have been restored and can be hired. The southwestern side of southern Ulvön is a nature resrve with hiking trails and rest stations.
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The nature trail which ends at Utsiktens Turistgård provides visitors with the opportunity to admire the rich flora along the banks of the river and in the rock crevices. Enjoy the view form the summit of Hattberget mountain. Sports fishing. Utsikten´s Turistgård is open from April to end of Oct, 2001. There is a restaurant here where you can eat à la carte, or enjoy Swedish smörgåsbord, or just have coffee and cakes. Fully equipped cottages on site.

From Vättaberget you have a good view ot the river Indalsälven meandering through the landscape. This is the best possible view of the valley and is reported to be one of the most photographed landscapes in the whole of Sweden. Slalom slope. Refreshment, handicraft for sale. Open 22/6-31/7 daily 11-19. In aug, weekens 12-18. At the foot of Vättaberget hill is the old mill of Åsen, now renovated.

This giant sculpture by Bengt Lindström is situated by the E4/Midlanda airport. The sculpture is 30,5 meters high. Tourist information is available from June-Aug.

Some 1 400 meters above sea level, high up in the fresh air of the Jämtland mountains, lies the Åreskutan cabin. How it got here is impossible to understand, and how visitors can reach it would be even more incomprehensible were it not for the cable car, the only one in the Swedish mountains, which gives people a chance to reach the summit without having to climb the mountain.

The small weather-beaten cabin is securely built and refurbished. The timber walls have the names of decades of visitors carved into them.

The area of Östersund has always been a busy thoroughfare, thanks to its position along the ancient route to Norway and Nidaros. Östersund is, however quite a yout town, as it was given tis town charter only 200 years ago by King Gustavus III. Development in the area only really took off around 100 years ago with the coming of the railway, and this century has seen real growth in the town.

Östersund, the province's natural centre and the nearest town for the inhabitant of the region, has a variety of shops, restaurants and service, and its amusement facilities are geared to meet the demand of the province's 140 000 inhabitants, not just the 60 000 people who live in Östersund itself.


Please visit Ragundalen Tourism



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Sweden Location Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerak, between Finland and Norway
Capital Stockholm
Area Total: 449,964 sq km
Land: 410,928 sq km
Water: 39,036 sq km
Climate Temperate in south with cold, cloudy winters and cool, partly cloudy summers; subarctic in north
Population 8,911,296 (July 1999 est.)
Religions Evangelical Lutheran 94%, Roman Catholic 1.5%, Pentecostal 1%, other 3.5% (1987)
Currency 1 Swedish krona (Skr) = 100 öre
Languages Swedish
Note: small Lapp- and Finnish-speaking minorities
Country name Conventional long form: Kingdom of Sweden
Conventional short form: Sweden
Local long form: Konungariket Sverige
Local short form: Sverige
National holiday Day of the Swedish Flag, 6 June
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King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur Radio Society in Ragunda, Sweden
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